Cre8ery Gallery Celebrating 10 Years with Artists & Art Lovers.

April 9, 2016

By Shondell Orinthia Babb

Looking to attend a FREE art exhibit this week because you missed First Fridays last Friday? How about supporting an artist with your tax return and bidding $50 on some art?

Cre8ery Gallery & Studio’s 10th year Anniversary and Strength by Numbers (2) Fundraiser will be held this Thursday, April 13, at 7:00p.m.-11:00p.m. There will be a line-up of musical and lyrical performers that evening, including Broms the Poet.

List of Performers for Strength by Numbers (2) Show

“We are actually celebrating 10 and a half years, since we moved into the space in November 2006”, said Jordan Miller, the executive director of Cre8ery Gallery & Studio.

Accessible through the building’s side entrance on Adelaide street, once upstairs, you can sneak a peek at the latest treasures and the selection is vast and varied.

For the April 7 First Fridays installment, Cre8ery held a pre-fundraising silent auction evening, where early bird art lovers came to bid on their favourite pieces before the party crowd. Bid sheets are posted on the wall beside the auctioned pieces.

One artist that grabbed our attention was John Royce Izzard, who featured a mold of a pregnant lady with images of the earth and hands painted onto her belly it, so of course this piece projected from the wall. You’ll have to go to Cre8ery this Thursday to see it for yourself.

The artists featured every month is always changing and keeps things fresh, which makes the space so intriguing.

Congratulations and continued success in showcasing artists in the Winnipeg scene.

The Arts – one soul connection to another.



Shondell’s Favourite Things: Remote Car Starter

January 14, 2017

Shondell Babb

Every week, I will feature one of my ‘Favourite Things’, in hopes of sharing some of the wonders of life, as well as incredible products and services that some brilliant minds have created.

Favourite Winter Things: Remote Car Starter

Extreme weather warnings were issued for the blizzard that pummeled Winnipeg on Thursday, January 12, including frostbite and hypothermia risks. The video above, courtesy of the University of Manitoba’s Instagram page, captured the blowing snow that whipped around the city with -43° celsius wind chills and wind gusts up to 90 km/h, which reduced visibility to near zero.

In -43° conditions, who really wants to bundle up to brush mounds of snow off of a freezing cold vehicle with leather seats, start the car, then run back inside, finish getting ready, then bundle up to finally leave again? No one. But many people still do it.

Enter the automatic car starter that will change your life! My Toyota RAV4 has a car starter — which is one of the best inventions — ever!


Toyota RAV4 – Started with Astrostart remote car starter


Astrostart remote car starter

Particularly in Winnipeg’s extreme weather conditions, having the luxury of starting my car remotely is a dream.

The main benefit of investing in a car starter is that you can start the car from the comfort of your home for 1-20 minutes, from up to 1,500 – 2,000 feet away. Heating up your vehicle in Winnipeg’s sub-zero and extreme temperatures is essential, to avoid damaging the mechanical and moving parts. The benefits of remote starters definitely outweigh costs, that range from $399.00 – $799.00. The cost includes installation, comes with two key fobs and various other options like an LCD screen, or multi-vehicle operation, etc.

Of course, you can enter a warm car when you’re ready to leave and drive away.

Below I profile the Astrostart remote car starter since that’s the brand in my vehicle. There are many options available like 1-way, 2-way, Smart Start and Luxury remote starters.

Product Description: Digital 1-way RF system with up to one-mile range. Product Features:

  • One, 1-way, 5-button SST transmitter 
  • 2-way antenna
  • Multi-vehicle operation
  • Manual transmission compatible

I recommend Absolute Autoguard, which specializes in car starters, if you are want to make your winter experience easier. If you have an older vehicle and just need to replace the key fob or get a key cut, they offer that service. The prices are substantially cheaper than a dealership, that may charge up to $100.00 to replace the key alone. At Absolute Autoguard, the key fob case, batteries, and getting my chip key cut cost me only $65.00. They also stock the plastic cases for key fobs, batteries, etc, so if the internal computer chips and parts work well, you can save money by just replacing the plastic case alone. I booked an appointment and the service was fast and friendly.

So, if you don’t have a car yet or a car starter installed in your vehicle, I highly recommend it. Like myself, you will realize the convenience and comfort of investing in a remote car starter and it will become one of your favourite things too!