Cre8ery Gallery Celebrating 10 Years with Artists & Art Lovers.

April 9, 2016

By Shondell Orinthia Babb

Looking to attend a FREE art exhibit this week because you missed First Fridays last Friday? How about supporting an artist with your tax return and bidding $50 on some art?

Cre8ery Gallery & Studio’s 10th year Anniversary and Strength by Numbers (2) Fundraiser will be held this Thursday, April 13, at 7:00p.m.-11:00p.m. There will be a line-up of musical and lyrical performers that evening, including Broms the Poet.

List of Performers for Strength by Numbers (2) Show

“We are actually celebrating 10 and a half years, since we moved into the space in November 2006”, said Jordan Miller, the executive director of Cre8ery Gallery & Studio.

Accessible through the building’s side entrance on Adelaide street, once upstairs, you can sneak a peek at the latest treasures and the selection is vast and varied.

For the April 7 First Fridays installment, Cre8ery held a pre-fundraising silent auction evening, where early bird art lovers came to bid on their favourite pieces before the party crowd. Bid sheets are posted on the wall beside the auctioned pieces.

One artist that grabbed our attention was John Royce Izzard, who featured a mold of a pregnant lady with images of the earth and hands painted onto her belly it, so of course this piece projected from the wall. You’ll have to go to Cre8ery this Thursday to see it for yourself.

The artists featured every month is always changing and keeps things fresh, which makes the space so intriguing.

Congratulations and continued success in showcasing artists in the Winnipeg scene.

The Arts – one soul connection to another.



My predictions for the future of media

April 3, 2017

By Shondell Babb


I predict that television watching will continue to decline. But cable providers will face such fierce competition that they will offer highly discounted packages tagged onto the internet subscription that everyone is really after.


Internet use will continue to skyrocket, since internet access is a must. Whether travelling locally or globally, most people will seek out an internet connection.


The local and national news outlets in Canada like the CBC and Metro that provide news online for free to their audience are in tune with the future of the print media. The demand for print newspapers is dying.

When a Google search results in a Winnipeg Free Press story that is blocked to the reader, it’s a turn off that will result in The Winnipeg Free Press not being a go-to news source.

Digital Media

Digital video media will continue to explode. Videos have exploded in popularity on social media outlets like Facebook, Facebook live and Twitter, including amateur videos that go viral. Media professionals with video editing skills will be in high demand, due to the industry.

Social Media

Social media will continue to explode in growth. Facebook has proven itself as a media outlet that can evolve with the ever-changing demands of people and still stay relevant.  If Snapchat continues to evolve with fresh ideas and consumer demands, they will stick around. However, the popularity pales in comparison to Facebook.

Twitter has it’s place in current events and the ability to respond instantly with short messages. If Twitter can somehow raise the standard for respectful communications on it’s app. instead of trolling, it will continue in popularity.

Walrus Talks Touring Canada

“What is the one thing Canadians can do today to make the country better?

April 3, 2017

By Shondell Orinthia Babb

The Walrus Talks mantra is: “We desire a better country”. Hosted by the Order of Canada, the talks are striving to learn how to make Canada more inclusive. The next stop on the tour across Canada is in Montreal on April 11.

During the Winnipeg stop, the event drew a sizeable crowd of allies on March 13 that were also desiring a better country. However, only a certain demographic of the Winnipeg population attends the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. So, this inadvertently creates exclusion on some level.

I, myself only found out about the function on event day-through a Facebook post.

The Walrus Talkers were inspiring and thought provoking.

Walrus Talker Azeezah Kanji pointed out that there was no black or African person that spoke at the event.

The Order of Canada has historically lacked diversity in it’s representatives and awardees, including only older, white males. But the organization is actively working to change that.

“We try to get a balanced representation of speakers from all demographics, including women and people of colour,” said David Leonard, Director of Events and Special Projects.

Leonard said they have at least one person of colour at all events and one black person is represented in 13 of the 15 tours.

The tour is traveling across the country asking leaders to answer a key question:

“What is the one thing Canadians can do today to make the country better?

And they got answers from the Walrus Talkers  that spoke in Winnipeg:


Douglas Cardinal

“Support youth in education without racism education.”


Michael Decter

“Indigenous people are underserved in health care, CFS and overrepresented in prisons, DCF and suicide.”

Eliz Dubois

Elizabeth Dubois

“We leave digital traces, but not all are counted. We need to make sure the internet is inclusive and open to all.”

Aseezah Kanji

Azeezah Kanji

“There is a daily demand on Blacks, Indigenous and Muslim people to respond to the distraction that is racism.

Michael Champagne

Michael Redhead Champagne

“I challenge everyone using the ‘Canada 150’ hashtag to spread and show love on Aboriginal people.”

Jane Hilderman

Jane Hilderman

“Semira Canada is committed to connecting citizens to communications, leadership, training and (giving them) a voice.”

Jordan Tannahill

Jordan Tannahill

“I was emailed by eight youth that said they re-considered suicide because they saw my play.”

Rick hansen

Rick Hansen

“Disability affects us all. We have to be more aware of how people with disability are veiwed”.

The Walrus Talks Tours will continue until the last event in Toronto on May 31.

Shondaland Take Over, Long-Time Favourite.

March 27, 2017

By Shondell Babb


ABC gave two pilot orders in 2017 to the Shondaland writers and producers. Comedy Malcolm & Libby and an unnamed legal drama are new shows set to make primetime Shondaland indeed. But will the new shows have the staying power of Grey’s Anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy celebrated it’s 12th anniversary on March 27 while continuing to set prime time television on fire.

Grey’s Anatomy is now in season 13 and I am still part of the passionate, loyal fanbase that has stuck with the evolving Grey’s family for over a decade. Grey’s is also inching up the ladder for one of the longest running prime time shows.

As one of the 22.5 million Facebook fans and 3.5 million Twitter followers, I am still also missing Sandra Oh’s departure, who took Cristina Yang’s character and Meredith’s “Person”, with her.

I love how Shonda has strategically worked to change the face of prime time television for over 12 years. The amazing range of casting diversity and current issues highlighted on Grey’s is one secret to her and her team’s success.

I also see your loyalty through cross-casting shows with great actors like Jeff Perry, as Thatcher Grey in Grey’s Anatomy, then reappearing as Cyrus Beene in Scandal.

Your writing and show concepts are brilliant and you keep us on the edge of our seats, with a glass of wine and bowl of popcorn. Yet you make sure to acknowledge the team behind you.

I love your leadership Shonda! You go gurl!



A way to save lives: A Deadly Wandering – Book Review

An excellent resource on texting and driving

April 2, 2017

By Shondell Babb 

Everyone should read “A Deadly Wandering”, by Matt Richtel, especially in this electronic age.


It’s an important book about the lives tragically lost, because of texting and driving. The previous research outlined in the book has helped modern day society arrive at the current laws and conversation about texting and driving.

Richtel’s writing style is easy to read, his interviewing notes are meticulous and he incorporated a vast array of related scientific and statistical research into the topic.

However, there should be a condensed version of the book, to cut out the overwhelming and unnecessary details about all the characters.

State Trooper Bart Rindlisbacher instincts dead-on.

What I loved about the book is how Rindlisbacher was convinced, based on this observation and instinct, that it was Reggie’s’ texting that caused the accident. He was determined to prove the cause-and-effect and eventually did.

Outstanding scientific research outlined

I liked how all the emerging neuroscience research in areas like attention, distraction and internet addiction were intertwined.

Psychologist Dr. David Strayer’s scientific research outlined in Chapter 24—proving that texting and driving is comparable to driving drunk—was mind blowing.

“Also in 2003, he made a presentation at the International Symposium on Human Factors showing that cell phone use impaired drivers to the same level as .08 blood alcohol content, the level of legal intoxication in most states.” ­–p. 229

Too many useless character details 

But the insightful research gets bogged down by too many character profiles. If extra fat like that was trimmed, the book could be cut down from the 390 pages. It makes me wonder why the book editor didn’t cut the clutter.

For example, Chapters 8 and 15 were devoted entirely to Terryl Danielson’s traumatic childhood and career as a victim’s advocate. Terryl has a supporting role in the story. Reggie’s accident took place in 2006, yet the following details were included in the book:

“TERRYL, AFTER MUCH CONSULTATION with April, decided to go on a LDS mission, to Costa Rica, in July 1989.”– p. 131

The only relevant details in Chapter 15 are that Terryl met Jackie Furfaro (victim’s wife) at Air-Bound gym. Yet this unnecessary chapter droned on for seven pages.

Why this book decreases distracted driving temptations

Reading the book affected me through repetition. Reading about research and repeated commentary on the subject matter of texting and driving helped to hammer the message home, even though I am aware of the no-texting legislation in Winnipeg.

The statistics are always what impresses me since they’re based on legitimate research and facts, not someone’s opinion.

More texting and driving awareness campaigns needed

In Chapter 27, Dr. Greenfield calls youth who are raised on electronic devices “Generation D”.

“They’re so amped up on dopamine that when it’s not firing, they feel dull, dead,” he says. And that means they need to move on to the next thing, quickly, rather than staying with something. “They have no threshold for attentional capacity.” -P. 217-218

The section goes on to explain that youth aren’t the only demographic that’s concerning, but they’re more vulnerable because their brains and frontal lobes are still developing

Since many people are addicted to mobile devices, the temptation to text and drive is still high, which means on-going campaigns are necessary to save more lives.

PEGriculture Magazine Launch – April 13

New Title: Magazine Editor

March 27, 2017

By Shondell Babb


Thursdays just got a whole lot better. Your new favourite magazine hits the stands Thursday, April 13 at 12 PM at the Exchange District Campus, 160 Princess Street.

If you like agriculture, food, people, reading, fun, puppies, and breathing, then this event is for you.

PEGriculture’s mission is to help urbanites lead an agriculturally aware lifestyle We’re not here to tell you what to eat, just how it all comes together.

Wanna know about the Beekeeping trend, Exchange District’s food desert, AG in the classrooms, or Aquaponics (growing food in water)? Come see what we’ve been working on.

There are dozens of new magazines launching at this event and there will be something for everyone. Eat food, play games, and find your new favourite magazine at one of the many booths.

PEGriculture Magazine Editors:

  • Shondell Babb
  • Sara Bulloch
  • Cassandra Cardy
  • Zac Easton





Flashback to BHM Events, 2017 Black History Month Awards Banquet, Favourited.

March 4, 2017

By Shondell Orinthia Babb

February 25, 2017

The Black History Month Celebrations Committee Inc. (BHMCCI), held their Annual Community Awards Banquet at the Norwood Hotel, featuring special guest, Mayor Brian Bowman. Now in it’s 36th year, the awards banquet culminates the month’s celebrations by honouring local individuals from the black community, who have had a positive impact on other people.

“I am really happy to be with the The Black History Month Committee, to celebrate your  35th anniversary,” said Mayor Brian Bowman, 45. Mayor Bowman addressed the audience with an inspiring speech about how important diversity and eliminating racism is to him and in his civic duties.


BHM Awardees and presenters (from left to right) Front: Diane Dwarka (for Robin Dwarka), Lucinda E. Gordon, Pastor Milton Chambers, President Mavis McLaren, Dr. Cecil Grant, Mayor Brian Bowman. Center: Police Chief Danny Smyth, Andy Castello, Pastor Cynthia Frazer, Marjorie White, Dr. Leisha Strachan, Alyssa Daley, Pastor Brian Archer. Back: Roland Headley, Jacqueline Sumter, Chair Nadia Thompson, Lori Todd, Joni Phuti, Pastor Calvert Layne, Victor Vaughan.

The Black History Month Celebrations Committee Inc. awardees of the night spanned various categories, as listed below:

  • Marjorie White – Education
  • Lucinda E. Gordon – Lifetime Achievement
  • Andy Castello – Music
  • Dr. Leisha Strachan – Profession/Education
  • Alyssa Daley – Youth
  • Dr. Cecil Grant – Lifetime Achievement – Education
  • Pastor Cynthia Frazer – Religion
  • Robin Dwarka – Community

Police Chief Danny Smyth also attended the awards with his wife, Cynthia.


Keynote speaker Marjorie White inspired the crowd with a speech about education.

Keynote speaker and Educator, Marjorie White, 45 (above), uplifted the crowd about how education can improve the lives of youth and the black community in general. She encouraged the audience to get rid of negative stereotypes and to encourage each other. Ms. White also received an award for education.

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Emcee Victor Vaughan kept the crowd entertained with his comical flare. There was also lively entertainment by Rychelle Thompson-Folkes and a Caribbean cultural dance performance by New Anointing Christian Fellowship Dance Ministry.

Black History Month Winnipeg