My predictions for the future of media

April 3, 2017

By Shondell Babb


I predict that television watching will continue to decline. But cable providers will face such fierce competition that they will offer highly discounted packages tagged onto the internet subscription that everyone is really after.


Internet use will continue to skyrocket, since internet access is a must. Whether travelling locally or globally, most people will seek out an internet connection.


The local and national news outlets in Canada like the CBC and Metro that provide news online for free to their audience are in tune with the future of the print media. The demand for print newspapers is dying.

When a Google search results in a Winnipeg Free Press story that is blocked to the reader, it’s a turn off that will result in The Winnipeg Free Press not being a go-to news source.

Digital Media

Digital video media will continue to explode. Videos have exploded in popularity on social media outlets like Facebook, Facebook live and Twitter, including amateur videos that go viral. Media professionals with video editing skills will be in high demand, due to the industry.

Social Media

Social media will continue to explode in growth. Facebook has proven itself as a media outlet that can evolve with the ever-changing demands of people and still stay relevant.  If Snapchat continues to evolve with fresh ideas and consumer demands, they will stick around. However, the popularity pales in comparison to Facebook.

Twitter has it’s place in current events and the ability to respond instantly with short messages. If Twitter can somehow raise the standard for respectful communications on it’s app. instead of trolling, it will continue in popularity.


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