PEGriculture Magazine Launch – April 13

New Title: Magazine Editor

March 27, 2017

By Shondell Babb


Thursdays just got a whole lot better. Your new favourite magazine hits the stands Thursday, April 13 at 12 PM at the Exchange District Campus, 160 Princess Street.

If you like agriculture, food, people, reading, fun, puppies, and breathing, then this event is for you.

PEGriculture’s mission is to help urbanites lead an agriculturally aware lifestyle We’re not here to tell you what to eat, just how it all comes together.

Wanna know about the Beekeeping trend, Exchange District’s food desert, AG in the classrooms, or Aquaponics (growing food in water)? Come see what we’ve been working on.

There are dozens of new magazines launching at this event and there will be something for everyone. Eat food, play games, and find your new favourite magazine at one of the many booths.

PEGriculture Magazine Editors:

  • Shondell Babb
  • Sara Bulloch
  • Cassandra Cardy
  • Zac Easton






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