Flashback to BHM Events, 2017 Raw Colours & Stream Wpg Concert, Favourited.

March 4, 2017

By Shondell Orinthia Babb

February 24, 2017

CKUW Raw Colours show and Stream Wpg, collaborated and showcased some of Winnipeg’s most phenomenal R&B, spoken word, rap and beat-boxing artists on Friday, February 24.


Cisha’s sultry voice caught everyone’s attention as they sat craving more.


NDU Delta (left) and Mc Woke (right) performing during the show.

Spoken word artist, Word Smith, shared a Black History themed poem and was a bonus addition to the show when he graced the stage with MC Woke.

The female artists brought vast range in vocal ability and their own personal style that had the crowd sipping beers and bobbing their heads to the sweet sounds of their voices.

Cisha had a special quality to her voice that was attention grabbing and Lisa Bell’s ability to flirt with the camera during her performance, added to the good vibes in the evening.

“That was some really awesome talent,” said Student Kelvin Mkwate, 28, after the show.

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The show was only $5 if you registered and was well worth the original $10 fee.

Steam Wpg was created by Red River College Student, Joy Balmana. Stream Wpg has live streamed local hip-hop, R&B, soul and experimental emerging musicians since the fall of 2016.


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