Show Review: “Gotta See It.”

By Shondell Babb preview_edit0182

November 19, 2016

Blog Challenge #8 –

This week the challenge was to watch and write a review of a show you wouldn’t normally watch.

The episode of “Gotta See It.” reviewed was aired on November 18, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. on Sportsnet. A selection of videos from October were played.


Sophia Jurksztowicz, Host of “Gotta See It.”

The television show “Gotta See It.” is a 30-minute show on Sportsnet, that re-plays incredible or sports highlights of note. There is college-level coverage, as well as professional sports coverage. The show is very fast-paced and displays a series of photos or videos, either from YouTube or a sports telecaster, but the credits appear in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

The host, Sophia Jurksztowicz is an attractive, physically fit blonde female who was dressed in a skin-tight, sleeveless blue cocktail dress. Exhibiting the entire “sex sells” mentality that’s pervasive in the entertainment industry and especially with women journalists in sports–the host was dressed like she was going a night club. Jurksztowicz seemed to enjoy the show as well and was enthusiastic.

The show did not disappoint in featuring some seemingly impossible hockey trick shot moments, or a 92-yard punt for example. The show is very entertaining and plays teasers of the up-coming segments to keep viewers hooked.

One video was inconsistent with the show’s sports platform. The show aired a YouTube video of five-year-old Anke Chen playing classical music effortlessly on a piano. Although Chen’s piano skills were clearly incredible, it was not sports-related, out of context and seemed like a random insert or filler in the middle of the episode.

Below is a listing of the videos highlighted in the episode:

  • A man is at a hockey game and during the national anthem, he paints a figure up-side down in about 5 minutes. Then he turns it around, and it’s a silhouette of soldiers and he paints the American flag across the top with one stroke of some special brush with white and red paint (the stars were already on the painting).
  • Ramford University football player Deion Pierre gets help from his entire team as he surprise-proposes to his girlfriend. About 12 of the players have a single red or white rose and they circle the girl and get on their knees along with the Pierre when he proposes. They celebrate once the ring is on by jumping around and chanting repeatedly: “She said yes! She said yes!”
  • A Minnesota Vikings reporter at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois, is on camera with a coach in the background, attempting to doing some Michael Jackson moves, unaware he’s in the shot.
  • A football video of the Frankton Eagles High-School football team in Indiana, showing a 92-yard punt by senior player, Jack Rodgers.
  • A segment called: “Hockey Road Trips with Brian Boyle”: NHL players are interviewed on their fondest hockey road trip memories. Brian Boyle was interviewed in this episode.
  • BioSteel sports drink company gave two sports fans the chance at being a goalie in a break-away challenge to stop NHL great, Connor McDavid from scoring. The two people that got the one-on-one opportunity were: Neil Engelberg, Project Manager (3 saves on 5 shots); Gregg Zaun, Baseball Analyst for Rogers Sportsnet on Blue Jays Central (also a former major league player) (1 save on 5 shots).
  • A segment called: “The Buzz”: they checked what was trending on social media.
    • A series of Halloween-themed social media pictures from Instagram was profiled: @russwest44 Russel West, dressed as Joe Dirt; @subbanator P.K. Subban, dressed as Prince; @floydmayweather Floyd Mayweather dressed as Iron Man, @mattduchene Matt Duchene dressed in a Space Jam costume and @jonathantoews Jonathan Toews wore a Captain Serious skeleton. Jurksztowicz said the best might be @hunterpence Hunter Pence on Twitter, who was Napoleon Dynamite.
    •  A little girl at a Detroit Red Wings hockey game had her picture photo bombed with two hockey players: Steve Ott and Dylan Larkin.
    • A photo from @mannyclk using a urinal with his nachos and drink on the floor below him.
  • The Michigan Wolverines @umichhockey brought back some former players to celebrate their national championship in 1996. In the intermission, they had to take trick shots to a goal that was closed-off with a narrow opening. Marty Turco, Brendan Morrison and Mike Legg all scored the goals in their second attempt, according to The Detroit Free Press.
  • A series of videos of New England Patriots fans tailgating and then jumping off of cars into tables.
  • A video of a blooper of basketball player Eric Bledsoe of the Cleveland Browns, who had to switch jerseys mid-way through his game. His name was incorrectly spelled ‘Beldsoe’ on the jersey.
  • During the same game of Bledsoe jersey screw-up, @numberfire Tweeted that The Cleveland Browns fans had a huge sign in the stands that said “This is the GPODAWUND”. The sign was supposed to read “This is the DOG POUND”
  • From YouTube: Anke Chen, A five-year-old girl playing classical piano music effortlessly.
  • YouTube: BFC Tur Aboin: A video of a soccer player missing a shot and followed-up  his own shot with an assist off the bar to himself and scored.
  • A video of Brodie Smith @brodismith21, American Ultimate Disc League Player, doing a variety of frisbee trick shots stunts from Taiwan across rivers, etc., and completed them.
  • A segment called: “Under cover Lyft”: .YouTube: Lyft: A video of New England Patriots football player Rob Gronkowski in New England, disguised as a taxi driver for company Lyft. He drives passengers around and has conversations with 5 clients. Gronkowski asks if they know the Patriots and what they would do if they met Rob Gronkowski, after which he reveals himself. They pull over and they exit the vehicle and he gets all passengers to get out and “kabam” or spike the football to the floor. Gronkowski then farts at the end of the episode (which Jurksztowicz told viewers to make sure they stay tuned for).

Host Sophia Jurksztowicz tells viewers she will see them next time.



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