NEWS Worthiness Makes Covers

Winnipeg Free Press, October 24, 2016

Winnipeg Jets Cover Story

By Shondell Babb

October 29, 2016

Blog Challenge 6


Kalen Barnett (left) and Christian Thiessen, both 11, are thrilled to be at the 2016 Tim Horton’s Heritage Classic!

The Winnipeg Free Press Monday, October 24 cover page featured a crowd shot of the 2016 Tim Horton’s NHL Heritage Classic, from the Point of View of 2 excited youth fans in the stands. The 2016 Tim Horton’s NHL Heritage Classic, held outside on October 23 in Winnipeg at Investors Group Field, was between the Winnipeg Jets and The Edmonton Oilers, making it a timely cover page.

The 2016 Tim Horton’s Heritage Classic adds prominence to the hockey game, sine it brings hockey legends to town from each rival team such as Wayne Gretzky (Winnipeg Jets) and Teemu Selanne (Edmonton Oilers), who play the alumni game on the Saturday before NHL game with the current teams.

20161029_133328The Edmonton Oilers defeated the Winnipeg Jets 3-0, but the atmosphere was great from the shot taken. People that weren’t in attendance at the game, would have still watched from sports bars and living rooms all across Winnipeg and Manitoba, so the impact was huge! The announcers and commentators noted the event was still an overall success for the city of Winnipeg, despite the loss.

Since many local Winnipeg and Manitoba residents would be discussing the Winnipeg Jets 0-3 loss to the Edmonton Oilers, whether they attended the game or not, there is great currency in the cover photo shot. The Winnipeg Jets franchise in terms of proximity, is a well-known and popular organization to Winnipeg residents.

Winnipeg residents are huge hockey fans and enthusiastically support their local sports team. ‘Go Jets go!’, is often the cheers heard to support the beloved team. So, anything about the Winnipeg Jets will garner human interest.

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