Follow CTV Winnipeg News on Twitter

I recommend following Canadian Television Network (CTV) on Twitter, or @ctvwinnipeg. @ctvwinnipeg keeps followers informed and up-to-date with breaking news stories in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and the world.


CTV reporters actively send live location tweets and updates about the stories they are covering, along with pictures.

Missed the latest newscast? Links to the latest 6:00 P.M. or 11:30 P.M. news is posted, so viewers can watch the full video. The newscast can be watched from a mobile device and is about 25 minutes long, which is  very convenient.


Didn’t have time to check the forecast before you left home? @ctvwinnipeg posts other relevant content like a one-minute weather blast video in the afternoons if you need an update. They also post links to polls on the CTV Winnipeg News website, so citizens can vote on issues that impact them.



@ctvwinnipeg tweets include reporter hashtags, specific story hashtags and #wpg as well. Followers can reply or interact easily at any time.

@ctvinnipeg is a professional broadcast organization that actively and effectively uses social media to communicate to their various audiences.


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