Life Re-write: Void of Experiencing Antigua and Barbuda.

Re-Write on Important Life Event-Blog 3

Aa a result of not deciding to spend the money on a long, overdue holiday to Antigua and Barbuda in the summer of 2016, my life lacks the enrichment of that experience. I also missed the opportunity to stay in Bolans Village with my friend Dacialois, her husband Kester and two-year-old daughter, Hannah. I didn’t get to know Dacialois better, discovering that we are more alike than I realized.

The stress and tension of previously working in a very fast-paced and demanding job is still coursing through my nervous system. I am still extremely annoyed and unsatisfied. I lack the tranquility and peace that comes with sleeping in, unbounded by time, or obligations. I missed the chance to have my body absorb the salt water of the Carribean sea and the extreme infusion of vitamin-D from the sun. I lack the ability to cope with new challenges, as I transition to a new phase of life. I’m still riddled with the fatigue and frustration of not being able to travel, which is one of the joys of life that makes me happy. So instead of being full of contentment and the elation of living in paradise for two weeks, I am miserable, depressed, and high strung.

The following experiences would not currently exist in my memory bank of enchanted encounters in the Carribean:

  • partaking in the annual Antigua Festival
  • eating traditional Carribean cuisine
  • video blogging about the 8 beaches I visited
  • experiencing a seafood festival
  • spending the evening at Shirley Heights Lookout
  • An Antigua island tour and excursion in the Carribean Sea
  • snorkeling
  • swimming with the sting rays
  • holding a sea urchin in my hand
  • Staying in Bolans Village and travelling via the mini-bus
  • indulging in Guyanese style pineapple tarts, patties and coconut buns
  • Getting to know my friend Dacialois more and enjoying my time debating about American politics and the Rio Olympics with her husband Kester
  • Hannah, Dacialois’s daughter, and myself building a bond because she is so smart, cute and beautiful.
  • Sleeping in, with nowhere to go and nothing to do for 2 weeks
  • Basking in peace and tranquility and comfort I felt in my friend’s home
  • Taking in the Carribean heat
  • Photos and videos capturing every moment

Since this blog is premised of being void of the above vacation experience in Antigua and Barbuda, continue to follow me and I will post the spectacular photos and videos from this trip in another blog.











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