Relative Paradise

By Shondell Babb

September 10, 2016
Journalism fiction assignment, Blog Challenge 1.


A storm surge of waves hits Horacio.

Saltwater assaults his nostrils, denying airflow.

The will of the waters kidnap him.

Panicked and flailing, control has now vanished.

Hours spent clinging to debris drained him.

Vampire waves spew him back to shore.

After a dangerous battle, the water recedes.


He crawls on his knees to safety.

Searching desperately for his cell becomes futile.

Communications withdrawal causes his stomach to churn.

Thoughts of solitude fill him with dread.

Sweat drips cake his sand covered body.

Noooooo!! Horacio screams at the heavens.

Have days…weeks…years gone by?

The gorgeous beach sparkled pink sand diamonds.

But…I am never waking up.

Leave now.


Horacio spins around and quickly stands up.

Who is that? What is that? 

His head instinctively whips to the right.

The lush forest shelter is inviting.

Sun rays flirted with the water’s surface.

The endless sea taunts from all sides.


His head jolts left, right, left, right.

He searches the horizon for clues.


Hopeless, he retreats to the forest.

His stomach is finally flat.

Horacio looks down at greyish toenails.

He could see tired, battered, bare feet.

Horacio’s hands revealed filthy, long fingernails.

Reality cloaked him with anxiety and fear.

Extreme thirst pruned his insides.


A terrifying shriek permeates the atmosphere.

The thundering sound of footsteps fast approaches.

An enormous and frightening wild creature charges!

Paralyzed with fear, he doesn’t even flinch.

Just run!

Horacio turns and runs into the sea.

Excruciating pain rips through his back.

Horacio’s primal screams pierced the airwaves.

Forest flora shuddered, cringing at the sound.



Horacio running from a Tyrannosaurus Rex.





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